Motion Detect Emails on SS5
  • I've got my email settings configured, and I *do* get error emails when my cameras drop packets, but I'm not getting emails when motion is detected. I've tried both the SecuritySpy relay service and a local SMTP server. I get the test messages, and I get the errors. But nothing when motion is detected. I know the motion trigger is working because the image(s) and the movie(s) are showing up on my FTP server. This seems new with SS5. Any ideas?
  • The usual reason for this is that the emails are too large, and therefore getting blocked by the receiving mail server. Go to the Email settings in the Preferences window, and choose a smaller image size and/or reduce the number of images sent with each email.

    Also, under the Cameras section of the Preferences window, go to the Actions tab for the camera(s) in question, and make sure you have entered your email address there where it says "Send email to".
  • Originally I had a brain fart and never enabled actions on the camera. My bad.

    But yes, the final solution was a combo of the messages being too large with attachments and my local smtp server not properly logging errors (or logging them at all for that matter). All set now!
  • Good to hear it's now all working for you.
  • I'm having a similar issue after updating to the most recent release of v5. All was working fine then suddenly after updating this week I have stopped receiving email notifications.

    - All cameras are armed
    - Push notifications from the iOS app work
    - Email test succeeds
    - I've tried lowering the image size to different options including the smallest with no success

    is this a bug with the current version or is there something I'm missing?
  • There is no known bug in the current version related to this. My guess is that your receiving mail server is mistaking these emails for spam. Do you have a spam/junk mail folder you can check? Do you have an alternative email address that you can try, to confirm that SecuritySpy is indeed sending the emails?

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