Capture Stopped Now Nether Working
  • I'm running 5.0.0 on a Mac mini 2018 and it's all was fine until yesterday when I started getting errors like this.

    2019/07/19 15:37:56: Non-fatal error while capturing the file "/Users/house/SecuritySpy/Captured Files/Back Garden/2019-07-19/2019-07-19 15-17-56 C Back Garden.m4v" - recording will continue. 5.0.0,11460,4 “2019-07-19 15-17-56 C Back Garden.unf” couldn’t be moved to “2019-07-19” because either the former doesn’t exist, or the folder containing the latter doesn’t exist. The file doesn’t exist.

    Thing is that path does exist

    I've reset the path in SS (although it was already set correctly).

    When I looked at the Captured Files folder I also noticed that all my past days of recordings are gone. The only folder there was the /2019-07-19, which is empty. I have loads of space left on the volume too.

    Looking today the /2019-07-19 folder has now gone and there's now a /2019-07-20 folder in its place (and empty).

    SS is working fine otherwise, I'm getting email notifications with motion images for example. Just nothing is being written to the disk for some reason.

    FYI, the only thing I did/changes on my Mac yesterday was to plugin a new USB3 connected 4TB hard disk (not for use with SS), and as a result of that I accepted the prompt from macOS to use that as a TimeMachine destination.
  • The fact that the folder "2019-07-19" is empty indicates that SecuritySpy may be automatically deleting files soon after capture, based on your settings in the General section of the Preferences. What settings do you have there for automatic file deletion, and how much disk space do you have on the capture volume?

    Also please try a restart of your Mac. Sometimes the disk can fill up with cache files and other temporary detritus, and a restart should clear these out.
  • 471GB of 499GB available (so only using <30GB).<br />Settings for retention are 30days/30days/50GB/50GB (from the top of settings).

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