Picture scaled horizontally in Camera view
  • I have (3) POE SV3C 5 Megapixel Cameras with ONVIF Support HD 2592 x 1944 and (1) of the same camera that is wifi enabled. All 4 connected to Security Spy easily with good sound/audio using the ONVIF profile, the only issue I am having is the preview for the 3 POE cameras seems scaled horizontally (approx. 70%) in the camera window when compared to the wifi model. This is not the case using the manufacturer's software which is different for the wired/wifi cameras, hence the use of SS to consolidate them. I tried choosing some of the auto-detect profiles with no change and I cannot enter in a value for Video Size in the Device Setup window. Any suggestions?
  • SecuritySpy receives whatever size/format video is being supplied from the camera, and generally has no control over what this is. Normally you would connect to the camera using a web browser to adjust these kinds of settings. Some cameras have resolution settings in different aspect ratios (16:9 / 3:2 etc.), with some cameras scaling the video to fit and others cropping the video.

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