Quick v5/AI question
  • Haven't tried the demo or read through the docs, so I apologize in advance if there is obvious answer...

    Can I continue recording 24x7 and then have the AI feature create motion clips in parallel so I have both - full recording if I want to slug through it, but clips that are hopefully triggered only by the AI algorithm?

    On a related note, is it possible, like it is now, to define multiple virtual cameras from the same real camera feed but with different AI trigger settings?

    In the past, that helped me adjust settings faster by seeing which virtual camera was recording what I wanted.

    I assume there might be high cpu overhead to do this, but wondering if it is a reasonable iterative way to tune settings?
  • Yes, Continuous Capture runs independently from Motion Capture (which can be now triggered by the AI), so you can have them both running in parallel for each camera.

    And yes you can indeed add multiple instances of the same camera if you want to, in order to have different settings for each instance. Usually this isn't required because one instance normally has all the recording flexibility you need, and multiple instances can add a certain amount of additional CPU usage.

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