no capture Files in iOS or Web View
  • I probably have a simple setting change, but I am not seeing any captured files in either the WebView -> "Captured Files" page, or in the iOS App -> "Captures".
    On my SecuritySpy machine, I can go to the browser and see motion triggered files. I believe all 4 cameras are set to 1 movie per motion event. Is there a setting to allow these to be served over the web?
  • This sounds like it could be a web account permissions issue. In SecuritySpy, please go to Preferences -> Web and double-click on the account that you are using to log on to the web server. Make sure it has permission to download captured files for the camera(s) in question (or is set to Administrator).

    Another option could be the wrong file types selected when viewing the file list. In the web interface, make sure that the "Motion-capture movie files" option is selected before you click the "View" button to view the file list.

    Does this fix it?
  • Finally got a chance to get at this. That was exactly it! Only had permission to View, not download.

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