Motion triggered in mask
  • I am getting motion trigger notifications from vehicles that are in the masked area.
    Seems to be the headlights from other cars are triggering my parked car.
    Greater the slider position, more sensitive?
    Ive tried multiple adjustments with no luck.
  • This must be because of motion (perhaps caused by headlights) in non-masked parts of the frame.

    If you are using the new AI features to detect vehicles, you can use the following hidden feature to debug what the AI is seeing and why it is triggering:

    Create a folder on your Desktop called "SS AI Predictions". If present, SecuritySpy will save image files to this folder that are annotated with the areas of motion and AI prediction values.
  • Thanks Ben, I can see the images saved to the folder.
    There is a red box around a car that is in the masked area. Causing notifications and motion capture.
    This seems to only be happening at night.
  • I am thinking it has something to do with the headlights from the cars.
  • I am getting notification from vehicles in the masked areas.

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