V5 "Apply Preferences"
  • Thanks for V5, Now I'm busy fine-tuning motion capture parameters, primarily by boosting sensitivity and lowering the AI thresholds. Unfortunately, I don't have enough human/vehicle motion to get instant feedback, so it'll be a long process.

    One question though - the "Apply Preferences" button is almost always clickable. I thought I remembered that it would be dimmed until any preferences changed. Am I remembering incorrectly? The user manual is silent on this.
  • Yes, the "Apply Preferences" button should only clickable when you have actually made some settings changes that need to be applied. Is this not what you are seeing?
  • I've just noticed an exception to this: if you open the Dashboard window, then move it, then close it again, some time later this could cause the Apply Preferences button to highlight. I'll make sure this is fixed in the next update. Could this explain what you are seeing?
  • Thanks Ben. That sounds wildly specific! In my case I didn't see a particular pattern and now I can't seem to make it happen again. But now that I know the intended behavior, I'll file a bug report with more details if it pops up again.

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