Network Device Finder
  • Ben, you published this neat little tool a long time ago, in a galaxy that gets further away each day... However, it was a 32 bit application... so every time I run it I get the warning from macOS... Any chance that you will advance this tool to 64 bits? If you don't have the time to work on this, I'll volunteer my services. It's been a great tool when setting up new cameras for SS... especially those that use some strange default IP addresses when you fire them up the first time.
  • Looking back at the code for this project, it certainly seems like it is from a galaxy far, far away! Thanks for offering to help, but I think this is going to require a complete re-write with modern APIs. I'll try to make this happen soon, as I agree that it's a very useful tool.
  • Angry IP scanner -

    I've been using this for years, works great
  • Although perhaps less user friendly nmap (available with a gui as zenmap) also allows you to probe a LAN for protocols such as RTSP. Certainly useful for capturing MAC addresses and so on (for router / firewall rules).

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