Version 5
  • Hi Ben, I just wanted to say congratulations with version 5. I immediately upgraded my license.

    I'm looking forward to the new AI engine and only detect humans... and also the let's encrypt feature is a very welcome addition. I have been meaning to look into securing my Mac server, but I was always stumped at the complexity of SSL certificates.
    I assume that since I've enabled https and I still get a live feed from my camera's on my iPhone, this means that the certificate is in place and working ?
  • Great to hear - yes the new automatic certificate generation will make setting up HTTPS very easy. Basically you just need to enable the HTTPS service and set a DDNS name ( via Preferences -> Web, and SecuritySpy does the rest for you.

    The easiest way to check that this is working is to log on to the secure web interface using Safari or Chrome, and seeing what the browser says about the certificate (basically if you don't get a warning it's valid). Make sure to use your address when connecting, as this name is encoded into the certificate and must match the address used to connect to the server.
  • I use an android app called tinycam Pro to view the security spy video on my mobile. Will there be any compatibility issues with url formats if I migrate to version 5 ?
  • Hi Ben, I installed version 5 but can not view my cameras using both Safari and Chrome. Safari responds with the following message: "Safari Can't Connect to the Server". Safari can't open the page " 8001" because Safari can't connect to the server " 8001".

    Chrome replies:

    This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    I have HTTPS enabled Port 8001. The Dynamic DNS name indicates a green light.

    I can view my cameras using the Security Spy app on my iPhone.
    Appreciate any help!
  • Brilliant! The AI feature is working brilliantly. Tested it with a Sunba FT-HD on a spot where a tree and its shadow kept us from upping motion sensitivity. Sensitivity went from 30 to 75 with AI enabled, no false positives so far, even when a storm blew through today no false triggers after all that sensitivity added! Thanks! Still caught a person in only a small portion of the frame with no issue and tagged as human.

    H.265 works great, with passing the stream through to the disk, a 2013 i7 MacBook Pro only saw about a 5-10% processor increase. Recording H.265 on the other hand took average processing from 15% to 75%! Our Meraki switch confirmed the H.264 stream was about 4-6MBps and the H.265 stream was 3-4MBps.
  • the ai capability looks tremendous.
    obviously it will be possible to trigger alerts based on ai-filtered motion events. but will there be a way to expose the root cause of the motion event in the alert is it a car and/or a person triggering the event [and the confidence level..]
  • Message from Security Spy at our shop...
    "Alert from Orwell @ Indi-Tech, triggered by human detection"
  • Thanks Ben, just upgraded. With the AI red box indicating detection, am I expecting to see that appear on all clients eg. Mac and Apple TV ?
  • @DaveGarratt - the web API hasn't changed, so tinycam should work just fine.

    @explorer26361 - I've just tested HTTPS connection to your server and it's working fine with a valid certificate (though I can't log on of course). Are you still having problems? It's possible that your router doesn't allow connections to the WAN address from the LAN, this is fairly common. Try a connection in Safari on your iPhone with WiFi turned off.

  • @agame - as @indi_tech has pointed out, the cause of the notification (motion, audio, human, vehicle etc.) is included in the notification.

    @kaps - the red box (showing where SecuritySpy thinks there is motion) is visible only in the Preferences window - it's to help you set up the motion detection parameters. This information is used for triggering events and recording, but is not transmitted to viewing clients. You do however get this information in iOS notifications, where the images included with these notifications are cropped to just the area of motion.
  • Just a note to everyone, v5.0 is incredible. I upgraded two licenses right away and it works as advertised. Thanks Ben.
  • Many thanks @jvss000 - this is great to hear!
  • Been getting a summary message that there is zero uptime for my cameras that are up all the time. The rest reports correctly.


    - 3 cameras currently online
    - 0 cameras currently offline
    - 85 movie files recorded in total
    - 0 image files recorded in total
    - 145 GB of data recorded in total
    - 100% software uptime
    - 4% average CPU usage
    - Normal memory pressure


    - 36 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 80.0 GB of data recorded
    - 0 errors
    - 0% camera uptime

    - 24 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 19.5 GB of data recorded
    - 7 errors
    - 0% camera uptime

    - 25 movie files recorded
    - 0 image files recorded
    - 45.9 GB of data recorded
    - 0 errors
    - 0% camera uptime
  • Hi @indi_tech this is a bug, now fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy.

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