Version 5 ai
  • What is the computation cost for ai classification? Do i need a faster computer or reduce number of cameras or frame rate?
  • I was basically going to ask the same question... I like the idea of the AI detection, but my Mac Pro is getting a little long in the tooth and the VTDecoderXPCService is already running about 170% CPU in Activity Monitor with my three cameras.
  • i am running 8 cameras at 1080p and 2 cameras at 2k. All are continuously capturing at 15fps. H.264 direct from camera. no recompressing. no overlays from SS.
    3 of the cameras are now set to motion AI.
    MacMini late 2012 i5 2.5ghz - 16gb ram
    Samsung Pro ssd for OS
    Samsung Pro ssd 2tb for records.
    system runs at 10%

    CPU temps are 65c day and 58c night.
    i keep the fan set tp 10%

    Super happy with the performance from SS on this little machine.
    it is identical to SSv4

    check out the screenshots, one with ALL cameras window open, one with no windows.
    This is a headless unit, the CPU is slightly higher due to me remoting into it from an iPad Pro.
    70-85% system idle while running all cameras.
  • Saw no noticeable hit from AI on one camera.
  • This question is difficult as the answer will vary a lot from system to system. We have attempted to update our system requirements calculator with an AI option to try to take this account when predicting CPU requirements, but it's not perfect.

    Analysing one frame of video by the AI takes a high amount of CPU for a very short time - typically 100-200ms, depending on the speed of the Mac.

    So if you have just a few cameras, and infrequent motion, you won't have many frames that get passed through the AI, so the extra CPU usage will be negligible.

    However if you have many cameras and lots of motion, then there will be frequent use of the AI, which can add up to a significant amount of CPU usage.

    The best thing is to check the "Idle" percentage shown under the CPU tab in Activity Monitor. If this frequently dips below 10%, then your Mac is struggling and you may need to take steps to reduce CPU usage (e.g. reduce camera frame rates).

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