Image files do not display in Browser when using "Show All Files"
  • Hello Ben,

    When still images (.jpgs) are copied to the SS capture destination/directory, the image files display properly in the Browser using the "Images Only" drop-down. However, when viewing still images using "Show All Files", the Browser will incorrectly display a frame from a movie at the specified timestamp.

    Can this be remediated so the correct image (.jpg) is displayed in the Browser when "Show All Files" is selected?

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated, thanks!

    Kind regards,
    R. Alcazar
  • In the Browser, when there are overlapping sections of video/images, SecuritySpy has to have rules to decide which bit of footage is actually displayed. The rules are: motion-capture movies take priority; they are displayed over anything else. And both motion-capture movies and continuous-capture movies take priority over still images. So if you have a still image in a section where there is also a movie, then the movie will be displayed rather than the still image. I'm afraid this behaviour cannot be adjusted.

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