Object identification with SS
  • Any timeframe on a first beta of SS with object recognition?
  • Sorry, we don't have a specific timeframe for this, but we are actively working on it, and hope it have a new version with this feature in the near future.
  • Is it soup yet?...:-)
  • Coming soon!
  • Just curious, any update? - A willing Beta tester here with a couple of Mac's at home, so can run beta on another without impacting live....
  • This is my #1 request. That and better Home Assistant support if possible.
  • Same! There's a few options for doing it using open source software cobbled together, but it will involve running a vm or 2, potentially can be done in docker, but still, it's too complicated for most, and I'm all about trying to make my home setup simpler to manage etc.

    Sadly there's no competition in this space really - the only other options are cloud based services, which I'm not will to use for a number of reasons.

    To be honest home assistant support would be better coming from the HA community themselves - it all depends on what kind of integration you'd like to see? For me linking motion events would be a key one, pushing images and being able to use them in notifications would also be pretty cool.

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