Samsung SNP-3120VH Control and drop out
  • Hi,
    We've installed two of the subject cameras in a project. They are listed as compatible, but the control lags by minutes and is very sporadic as to any function. The cameras also drop off line often. They do not have difficulty when we are connected directly to them... only in the remote access through Security Spy. Any ideas? The error shows up as, "3.2.1,70900,800 "
  • Hi Mike, that's a general timeout error that means that the camera didn't respond when SecuritySpy was trying to contact it. Generally the network is the cause of such errors. Is SecuritySpy connecting to the camera over a local network or the internet?

    If you are connecting over the internet, then the speed may not be fast enough for the video stream you are using as well as responsive PTZ control. In this case, set the camera to use a lower frame rate (connect to the camera using a web browser to adjust its settings). Also make sure you are using MPEG-4 or H.264 mode (selectable in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy) as this will give you nice low data rates that will work best over the internet and will give you small captured file sizes.
  • Thanks for the comment. We are connecting via the Internet. The video setting is mpeg-4. we'll adjust the frame rate to see how they react.
  • Sorry, let me revise that. the mini mac with which we communicate is by WAN, but its control of the cameras through Security Spy is local (LAN).

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