Overlays Flickering
  • I've recently upgraded my Mac to an i7-3770 8GB hackintosh, so thought would taken advantage of more processing powering by using SS's text overlays, rather than the built in camera ones.

    Trouble is, on the recordings the overlays are flickering and really distracting. Mac doesn't seem to be struggling, currently showing 9% total CPU usage on the SS web interface.

    Any ideas?
  • This is a strange one. It certainly could be a bug, although one that is not being reported by other users (though most users would be using the cameras' overlays where available, if it is a bug, it wouldn't be encountered very often). Are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?
  • Yep running latest version, Interestingly, I've just changed from using an external USB 3 drive for storage, back to an internal SATA and it seems to have fixed it...
  • Good to hear it’s fixed, though I’m not sure why changing the camera destination should have any effect! I’ll have a look at the code and run some tests to see if I can spot any potential issues that might cause this.

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