Android IP Webcam two-way audio
  • Hi Ben,
    I recently started using SS with the app IP Webcam on Android. I noticed that SS has a profile for it, and both audio and video work properly. However I couldn't get the talk function to work, the microphone on the mac version is greyed out, and on the ios version there is no option to send audio. But on the app's local admin web page, I can enable two-way audio and talk to the Android device. I wonder if this is due to I mis-configured something, or a bug, or this function is not available in SS for this profile? Please advise. Thank you!
  • This is currently not supported for the IP Webcam app, however I have emailed the developer of this app to ask how to implement this. If he replies with the technical information we need, we should be able to add this to SecuritySpy.

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