Accessing an IP camera remotely?
  • I have an IP cam setup in my other house (far away). I can access the camera using e.g. the VMS app, ipaddress:port and user/password to login into the camera. Very simple. But entering these exact values in SS will not access the camera. It supports ONVIF.

    I just can't understand what I am doing wrong... I don't have SS running in my other house - just the IP Cam.
    Ideas what I am missing here (being a beginner)?
  • I have a similar setup, I have set the ip for the other camera up using in the router settings at my other house, I can now connect easily with ss.
    However, a weird thing is that I have the same cameras at this house - Reolink - and they use the ONVIF profile in SS but do not work with the Reolink one.
    The remote camera is the opposite, it will not work remotely with ONVIF but works with the reolink profile - can't for the life of me work out why.

    if you are sure you have the router settings correct at the remote location, then perhaps try different profiles, not may just work.
  • Connecting to an ONVIF camera requires that both the ONVIF port and the RTSP port are available. In addition, on a local network, SecuritySpy can auto-detect these ports, but this is not possible over the Internet. So in the router at the other house, you will need to make sure that both the ONVIF port and the RTSP port are forwarded to the camera, and if the ONVIF and RTSP ports are non-standard (i.e. not 80 and 554 respectively), then you will need to specify these in SecuritySpy.

    Due to this complexity, using ONVIF over the Internet is problematic; it's designed for local networks. What is the make/model of the camera? If SecuritySpy supports your camera with a specific profile (e.g. Vivotek, Amcrest, Axis etc.) it's much better to use this rather than ONVIF, as in this case there is only one connection that needs to be made over one port (usually RTSP/554), which simplifies the setup.
  • My problem wast that the ONVIF port (82) was not open in my router. Thanks. Now working nicely :)
    The camera I use is called PLV PTZ something (a 18x optical zoom and the profile is not available in SS). But again, using ONVIF as profile it now works very smoothly.
  • Great to hear that!

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