Security Spy DNS name life span
  • I currently have two homes with two licenses running SS. One of my homes has been offline now for at least two weeks and it will probably be two more before it comes back online. A builder ripped out the ISP cable running to the home that runs under a street. With my system not updating the DNS service for this site ( ) will there be an issue with my DNS name being taken down before they get this service back up and running ?
  • With a fully licensed version of SecuritySpy, unused DDNS names expire after 90 days. If, on the other hand, you are using SS within the 30-day trial period, the name will expire soon after the trial period ends if you haven't purchased a license (I know this doesn't apply to you but I though I'd add this info for completeness). So there should be no problem with your name after just a few weeks. I hope you are able to get your Internet back up and running soon, this must be an annoying problem!
  • Thanks Ben this is good info to know. I'm working on an app for some z Wave home automation control. I will be writing a gateway that will allow for the traffic to pass through an IPSec tunnel to avoid the hacking community. What company are you using for the view DNS service and can you point me in the direction of implementing a DNS service like this? I've been very impressed with the availability and reliability of the DNS service you provide. Your software is so worth the price of admission. It's high quality stuff.
  • That sounds like an interesting project. We use Zonomi for the DNS hosting for They provide an excellent service - very reliable, an easy API with good documentation, and the flexibility to handle as many subdomains as you want per domain (some other DNS hosting companies have limits on this). Good luck!

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