Lorex/FLIR LNR608 and 4K stream subtype
  • Hi,

    Trying to set-up a Lorex LNR608 4K NVR with securityspy.

    Everything works great with the low-resolution stream set up with in SecuritySpy by configuring the IP Address, set as Manual Configuration, set as RTSP, and request set as:


    but I'd like to capture the 4K stream available at subtype 0. If I try that in security spy I get "Unexpected data" in the view window.

    If I try the same request in VLC with the request formatted as:

    rtsp://[my ip address]/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0

    it works great and I get a nice sharp 4K image.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks!

  • [ignore, edited the original]
  • I figured out my own issue.

    Default for the NVR is for the main stream to use h.265 which doesn't work with SecuritySpy. I changed it to h.264H, VBR, Highest (on the NVR setting), then changed my stream subtype=0, and everything looks nice and crisp now.

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