Motion triggers at night with fog
  • Where I live there is quite a bit of fog in the early evening hours. At night these fog events cause repeated motion triggers with a video recording as the fog appears as swirling water droplets with IR.

    Are there any analytics which recognize this type of repeated motion event, rain, swaying trees, etc ? Or any suggestion on IR settings with my cameras (Axis M2025) ? Axis states the camera's motion detection algorithm "AXIS Video Motion Detection 4 reduces false alarms by analyzing and disregarding normal background motion. Axis False Alarm Filtering provides an additional layer of defense against false alarms by making it possible to ignore disturbing object motion such as headlights, swaying trees and small animals." but I haven't tried that. Not sure how that will integrate with Security Spy if the camera senses motion.

    Thanks for any suggestions...
  • This can certainly be a problem, as the IR lights in the camera illuminate the swirling fog/rain right in front of the camera itself, producing excessive movement in the video image. We are working on the solution to this in SecuritySpy, but for now the best way to reduce this problem is to turn off the camera's own IR lighting and to use a separate IR floodlight placed some distance from the camera. With this setup, you are reducing the amount of illumination on the fog right in front of the camera, which will greatly help to reduce this problem.

    Additionally, SecuritySpy currently cannot take advantage of the on-camera motion detection in Axis cameras, though this is something we will be looking at adding in a future update.
  • To that last point:

    On the camera set up an 'action rule' such that Trigger: Applications/VMD3 has an Action of type: Output Port / Port n is set.

    Then in SSpy for an axis camera have the Motion Trigger set to monitor Camera input port n.

    worth a shot.

    one is essentially setting a bit on the camera's digital output, which SSpy can pick up. Also there are a mess of 'virtual ports' on an Axis camera. one could doofus around testing the 4 options presented in SSpy. Can't hurt.

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