Feature Request:Audio Output Device dropdown
  • I just upgraded to a 2018 mini, and because my display is connected with DisplayPort, the speakers turn off when it powers off to sleep, so I don’t hear the sound from SS if the screen sleeps. My solution was to use the included Audio MIDI Setup from the Utilities folder to Add a Multi-Output Device including the mini speakers and the display. I would love to choose the mini speakers for SS and use the display speakers for other audio.

  • Thanks for the suggestion, however SecuritySpy uses whatever audio output is set in the system preferences, which is almost always the right thing to do. We have never had a request from a user to set a different output in SecuritySpy, and therefore I don't think this would be useful for the vast majority of users, so I'm afraid it's unlikely that we'll be implementing such an option.
  • Fair enough, though it might be more useful going forward with additional audio devices on new Macs but that would depend on display speakers sleeping too. Thanks.

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