Setting up a Camera from an RTSP Stream from a Synology Surveillance Station
  • Hi,

    I tried to use the share stream path function from a Synology Surveillance Station to set up a camera in Security Spy. I tried both options (rtsp and rtsp-over-http) but I always get "unrecognised request, check device setup".

    When I use rtsp, the request string is "Sms=12.unicast". I tried "/Sms=12.unicast" and "/Sms=12.unicast/" and "Sms=12.unicast/" as well. Surveillance station has generated the username "syno" and a 32 character password for this stream, which I copied into Security Spy. If I change the request string to "Sms=11.unicast" I get the error "Bad username or password" which seems to prove that everything except the Request String is correct. When I try to view the RTSP stream with VLC it works.

    VLC shows me that the stream is:

    H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part10) (h264)
    20 fps
    Planar 4:2:0 YUV

    Any ideas?
  • I think you are running into an RTSP compatibility problem that has been fixed in the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.2.4b10).

    In this new version, there is a built-in profile for these devices, called "Synology Surveillance Station NVR". So select this as the Profile setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, enter the username "syno" and the 32-character password, and select the input number you want (e.g. 12).

    Does this work for you?
  • Thanks. It works perfectly.
  • Great - thanks for reporting back.
  • One comment about an inconvenience caused by surveillance station for using it with Security Spy: I have set-up 6 cameras from surveillance station in security spy now. Surveillance station has created a separate 32 character password for each of them and if I stop and restart a camera in surveillance station it creates a new password for it, which requires then to copy the new password into security spy for re-activating the camera there as well.
  • That is rather inconvenient. Is there a way to specify a password that doesn't change? What about authenticating with the main administrator login for the device instead of the random 32-character password - does that work?
  • I tried it. It does not work (error: bad username or password)
  • I found an easy fix for this problem in surveillance station:
    IP Camera -> Edit -> Life View Settings -> Advanced -> Stream Sharing Path -> Duration of Validity
    needs to be changed from "1 hour" to "forever"
    Then the 32 character password stays the same
  • That's great! Thanks for posting the solution.
  • Is there a benefit of using surveillance station? It seems more efficient to directly add the cams in SSpy then just write the data to a directory structure on your NAS. Then you can also let SSpy control the rolling deletion of media when the disks get full.

    I use a dedicated network-mounted synology NAS as the destination drive for all of my SSpy recordings and it works well.

    But I never thought of routing the cameras via SurvStn then re-streaming them to SSpy. If there's a real benefit this would be a simple re-config. Any tips or viewpoints on this would be helpful.
  • Dear Ben and community,

    Thank you for such great apps!

    Tried your suggestions from this thread with the latest release of the SS and Synology but I get the "unrecognised request, check device setup" error.
    Tried both the Synology and manual profile but same issue. Has something changed?
    Any suggestions?

    Kind regards,
  • Hi,

    since today, I have the same issue. I updated Surveillance Station. The new SW supports setting the password duration to "forever" directly in the "share stream path" function for each camera. I get the error "unrecognised request, check device setup" when I use the "Synology Surveillance Station NVR" profile and also when I use manual configuration and the "RTSP UDP" Format. The request string is still "/Sms=1.unicast" for the first camera. I tried RTSP UDP" and "RTSP TCP" and have set surveillance station accordingly. It works with VLC to show the stream, but not with security spy. There also seems to be a new "keep alive" setting for RTSP streams in surveillance station which you can select between "None", "Options" and "GET PARAMETER". To work with VLC, I have set this to "None". Any ideas?
  • The error "unrecognised request" means that there is a problem with the request that you are using, which you say is "Sms=1.unicast". However, in your earlier post you said you were using "Sms=11.unicast". Which one is correct, as shown in the device itself?
  • Hi Ben,

    I have several cameras at my Synology, so both #s will work but return different cameras. Of course, each # has a different password. I tried with VLC the "/Sms=1.unicast" and it worked. If I pur a wrong #, then the error is ""bad username or password" and not "unrecognised request"

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