Making Motion Cap Previews More Likely to Show the Motion Triggering Event
  • Is there a reliable way of making the Security Spy motion capture snapshot image show a frame from DURING the motion triggering event? It would be really nice if all the snapshot images showed the triggering even rather than before or after the event. That way, a simple glance through the web interface's captured video previews would quickly reveal what happened. I currently get that in about half of my motion captures. The rest require playing a few seconds of the motion cap clip to discover what caused the event.

    I tried setting pre-capture to 0 seconds, but even that only makes about 50% of the clip preview images show the actual event.

    Is there a combination of pre / post / detection duration settings that will consistently pull the preview image from the period of the triggering motion? A frame somewhere about 1/2 way through the detection period or right at the end of the detection period would be ideal.
  • "right at the end of the detection period would be ideal"

    That sounds like a good idea.
  • For the preview thumbnails in the web interface, SecuritySpy attempts to show the first frame that triggered the motion detection. There is no combination of settings that will change this - it is fixed. But it sounds like it's not happening quite right in your case. Would you be able to email us a couple of these files so that we can take a look? If they are too big to email, please use WeTransfer to send us a link to the files (or any other service you prefer such as Dropbox).
  • Ben, it would be wonderful if this could be improved.
    I will arrange some video files to be available for analysis.
    A link will arrive via e-mail.

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