Emailed images as attachments
  • Now when there's an alert the .jpg is attached to the email and needs to be downloaded to be seen. If the image was inline and part of the email it would be displayed immediately.

    In my view this would preferable. I'm not a programmer but I can't imagine that it would that difficult for Ben to incorporate.

  • This depends entirely what email viewing software you are using. What are you using? With Apple's Mail apps on macOS and iOS, the images simply appear - they don't need any extra effort to be downloaded. The vast majority of SecuritySpy users use Apple's Mail apps, so this is what we target.
  • Thanks for the info. I use Spark by Readdle which is one of the most popular alternatives to Apple Mail and I'll contact them to se if there's a way to automatically open attachments.
  • On Android, I had the same issue. Edison software's "Email" app (that's its name) displays the attachments inline. I use that app solely for the security alerts and have spec'd a special notification sound for its incoming mail. I use BlueMail for everything else so the alerts aren't intermingled with my business/personal eMail.

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