I forgot the network that my cameras are on
  • I have a small network that is not connected to the Internet and only has a Mac mini and 5 Dahua camera's. I was messing with the network and somehow I think my Mac is no longer on the same network with the camera's. In SecuritySpy under the camera settings it doesn't show the Dahua Camera's IP addresses just some weird /alphanumeric/.local address. How can I re-find the cameras and/or find the network they are on. The poe switch looks to be operating normally.
  • Was this network set up with manual IP addresses?

    If you are using IP addresses in SecuritySpy for the cameras, check the addresses that you have already set for the cameras, under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device. The first three numbers of your Mac's IP address has to match the first three numbers of the cameras' IP addresses.

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