Foscam FI8910 - frame rate too low
  • I realize the camera is a bit old but it has been quite reliable. Security Spy only captures a maximum of 7-8 fps regardless of full daylight or night. At first I thought the low fps was due to it being night time (I have the IR lights disabled because I'm shooting the outdoors through a window).

    Using the web interface for my camera, I don't see any settings other than 640x480 or 320x240 which, respectively, use 15fps and 30fps according to the manual. Yet Security Spy can't seem to record at anything faster than 7-8fps.

    Is there a configuration setting I need to check? This is a JPEG-video camera (not H.264), I'm not asking for the app to do any compression, and regardless of what frame rate I spec in SS, it remains at the 7-8fps.

    Help appreciated. Thanks.
  • SecuritySpy will capture video at whatever the frame rate is being provided by the camera - for these cameras, there is no way for SecuritySpy to request a particular frame rate or affect the rate at which the camera is streaming. My guess is that the camera is dropping its rate due to network conditions - if the camera is connected wirelessly then this could be the culprit. So I would suggest checking the network, for example if you can move it closer to the WiFi access point, or connect the camera via wired Ethernet, you may find that the frame rate improves.

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