connecting when is not available
  • we’ll be up in china for a while. in previous times up in china, i wasn’t able to connect to our SecuritySpy server. it’s IP changes every 90-120 mins and i suspect that the SecuritySpy app wasn’t able to get to to get the then correct IP.

    if we can’t connect to, any suggestions on how to get our server’s current IP and how to get the SecuritySpy app to then connect to that IP?

    having to reconfigure SecuritySpy every time the IP changes would not be joyous :)

  • Subscribe to something like DynDns and get your router to update a different dns entry whenever it's IP changes.
  • mmm... yeah. might need multiple DynDNS services and hope that one of them is accessible from inside China.
  • SecuritySpy's DDNS name is updated every 10 minutes, so when the IP changes there should only be a short downtime. This will be similar to other DDNS services - but by all means add another one (e.g. Dyn) for redundancy. An IP address change very 90-120 minutes is unusually frequent - normally you would keep an IP address for weeks at a time. Is there any particular reason for this frequent change?
  • the connection is a cellular modem with a SIM card in it, with wifi and ethernet connections. the WAN cellular connection disconnects/reconnects every 90-120 mins. could be that the local server/tower resets the connection by design.
  • ok. I've set up a token, and written an AppleScript 'do shell script curl' applet (basically 1 line!) to update the IP every 15 mins. next time we're in China, I'll see if I can get the IP number.

    just tested it locally. the only 'glitch' I've come across is that as soon as the SecuritySpy app connected to the server, it deleted (or over-wrote) my server setting. can't we save both?
  • The SecuritySpy iOS app will recognise that you have added two instances of the same server, and will merge the two instances into one. So I'm afraid it's not possible to have two different server setups with different Internet addresses to the same SecuritySpy server in the SecuritySpy iOS app. One alternative idea would be to bookmark both addresses in Safari on your iOS devices, so that you can try them both if one doesn't work at any point.

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