Any experiences using Thermal imaging cameras?
  • Are they supported? If so, what have been the use cases? For myself, it's mostly about catching wildlife.
  • Axis have some thermal imaging cameras that are supported by SecuritySpy. However, such cameras tend to be expensive and low resolution. If your aim is to catch wildlife, I would recommend using an Infra Red (IR) sensitive camera, and installing some separate IR lighting to cover the area you want to capture. IR lighting that is designed for CCTV purposes is inexpensive to purchase, widely available and relatively easy to install.
  • Ben, many thanks. Adding IR lighting is a great idea!

    I saw the cameras on thermal imaging you mention and that was what gave me the idea.

    Second thought... could I use thermal imaging for the false positive/negatives ie: needs to have both a thermal signature AND motion detected before it sends the email.

    I turned off the email alert feature for now while I tweak the sensitivity/duration. Currently I'm getting over 50 events per day for all the cameras and would like to just look at the real ones.
  • SecuritySpy doesn't know if the camera is a thermal imaging camera or a regular cameras, so in either case it would purely be doing motion detection, and triggering events based on the movement in the video stream. So I don't think there is a way to trigger on the presence of a thermal signature combined with standard motion detection - in fact if you can do the former then surely the latter is redundant?

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