H.265 Camera support
  • Have bee really happy with SecuritySpy for 4 yeahs now. But now I need to upgrade my cameras. Really would like to start using H.265 compressions. Is there a planed upgrade that will cover this. Or would it not be possible due to apple?
  • I think Ben is planning H.265 support fairly soon, as well as eventually object recognition features. My Sunba PTZ is H.265 capable, but is selectable to H.264. I'd think most good quality cameras would be also, so you could upgrade now if you wanted to and just use H.264 until SS supports H.265.
    Ben can correct me if I'm wrong, but SS would handle the decompression, as the reason that most browsers won't handle H.264 or H.265 is that apparently there is now a licensing fee to use the formats now. AFAIK only Windows Internet Explorer has a plug-in available.
  • We are indeed working on this.

    On macOS, an H.265 decoder/encoder is built into the system (as of High Sierra), so there should be no licensing issues for apps wanting to use this codec on macOS. This has also been the case for H.264 for many years.

    At the moment, all H.265 cameras we know about also support H.264, and H.265 doesn't offer a huge advantage, which is why it hasn't been a priority for us thus far. However I expect that in the future, there will be cameras that support H.265 only, so we will make sure to add this functionality soon.
  • Thank you for the update.

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