Skip to next motion capture segment?
  • Maybe I'm just missing it, but I typically do motion capture as "one movie per day" and was wondering if there is way to skip forward to the next capture when reviewing footage? If there isn't, I guess call it a feature request.
  • I installed dvr-scan (an open source command line tool) that may do what you want with a long, continuously recorded video file. Here is the webpage for it:

    It's very easy to use (-i is the input video recording and -o is the output video showing just the motion events):

    dvr-scan -i '10-12-2018 06-58-00 C Logitech Frontyard.m4v' -o motion.avi

    It has other output functions as well. Note that with a long video file it can take two hours or longer to run.
  • When you are playing this movie back in the Browser feature in SecuritySpy, the blank segments should be automatically skipped. Are you saying that this isn't happening? Can you please check that you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy?
  • No, I was just looking for a method of skipping forward to the next capture event without waiting for the clip to finish. For me, usually just passing rural traffic and the occasional person out for a walk.
  • Sorry, if you are using the "one movie per day" option, there is no easy way to do this. The best way would be to use "JKL" control - press the L key a few times to speed up playback, and then press the J key the same number of times to return to normal speed playback.

    Or, switch to "one more per event" recording, then it is easy to skip to the next event because you have the list of files on the left and you can use the up/down arrow keys to quickly jump to the previous/next files.
  • Thanks Ben, I'll give that a try.

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