Mega pixels , quality and cost, Which route to take?
  • So i've just started to change out my FOSCAM cameras for something better.
    First buy was a Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I, very pleased with it.

    I think UK prices are quite high. I'm now looking for 1 internal and 2 external cameras.
    I could buy more of the 3 MP Hikvision, but would I be better with a slightly lower MP camera that people would see as better quality?

    They will be running on a 2011 mac mini with 8gig ram, wired on a gigabyte network.

    Typical selection from the UK is on this site
    Price wise i'm looking around the same price of the Hikvision per camera Incl. VAT: £163.20.

    I know its a difficult and subjective question but which three would you choose?

    Many Thanks Phil
  • Hi Phil,

    Dahua makes some very nice inexpensive cameras. Here are their 1.3MP and 2MP models, available from Amazon UK, for example:

    But also is a very good shop and they only sell good cameras so I would trust any advice they give (with one caveat: they do a lot of ACTi cameras and the E-series cameras don't produce a QuickTime-compatible H.264 stream so they can't be used with SecuritySpy in this mode).

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