Current performance with Security Spy and Sunba PTZ's
  • Posted this in the Camera section too, but wanted any feedback for users using the Sunba (601-D20X POE) with the current version of Security Spy.

    Thanks in advance...
  • I have three of those Sunba's in my system. Presets, regular PTZ controls all work fine under Security Spy. You'll need to use the ONVIF profile in SS. The Sunba's are a decent, introductory PTZ, but I've largely relegated them to less critical locations. They have quirky firmware that occasionally renders weird, edges only outline for the picture. They also, won't do a stable VBR stream. See my CBR settings in the cameras section for more detail on those settings. They work and are a definite step up from Huisun's. The Sunba's were the first, long term reliable PTZ's at their price point.

    Times have changed - considerably. At the same price point, one can now get a 25X Dahua PTZ with superior optics, ten times better night performance, stable upgradable firmware, and a web GUI that works from Safari. I've added 6 Dahua SD49225T-HN 2MP 25x Starlight PTZ cameras to my system. They are astonishing at night compared to the Sunbas. Every one of those have been through BEC Technology on Aliexpress. I can vouch for how dependable Andy takes care of his customers. Pricing is great at $333 with DHL delivery.

    I used to recommend the Sunba's. I now recommend the Dahua Starlights. It's not even a contest once the sun goes down.
  • Some more advantage of the Dahuas

    Support of separate (actually working) camera profiles for day and night profiles. Sunba's never swapped between IR on and IR off camera settings. You get one set of camera settings that must be compromised between night and day. On the Dahuas I set each profile for best exposure, backlight method, and video parameters. That's a big factor when if you want both day and night imaging to be optimized.

    The latest Dahua firmware lets you chose between scheduled times for changing profiles or triggering via lightness/darkness. Previously it was only by schedule.

    Sunba Usage Hint - NEVER soft restart the camera in the dark. It will come up in an IR off mode that requires either a power off/on sequence or firing up Windows Explorer to trigger a sequence of numeric presets.

    Dahua web GUI for setting up the camera is done via Safari. All the parameters are easily accessed and there are a lot more than on the Sunba. Sunba requires Windows Explorer to make camera setup adjustments.

    Dahuas have a REST API that lets me send focus, zoom, and profile switch commands via Python scripts. This is has been essential for automatically setting a camera for night time license plate capture operation.

    Sunba support does help. I had a POE card go bad in a camera. They shipped out a replacement card quite quickly. So, yes you get real warranty coverage. With my BEC Technology supplied Dahuas, I've never had a need to test their support. Andy's reputation as a seller on the IPCamTalk forum has been stellar and he only ships correct version cameras with English firmware that is UPGRADABLE. You never want a Chinese version camera that has been hacked to be English. Those you can't upgrade their firmware.

    I've wished for Sunba to release improved, less buggy firmware, but nothing has come out in ages. Their comment about a year ago was nothing will be updated until they release lower light level cameras. Nothing out since then. I really wanted Sunba to be more successful since they made a big leap over Huisun type cameras. Unfortunately, the Dahua 2 MP Starvis PTZ's are simply deliver, better optics, sensors, more features and stable firmware (actually updated too) at the same price (if one gets via a known good vendor on Aliexpress)

  • Thanks for the replies. I've been a bit torn on either the Sunba or Dahuas, but I'm going to try the Sunba 601 H.65 version, which according to the specs, now have the 2 MP Starvis imager. Did get a prompt response from Sunba support to make sure that the H.265 is backward compatible with H.264 for use with SS until H.265 support arrives. Using a Mac running the latest Mojave public beta with no problems so far and H.265 has been supported since High Sierra. They also sent me a link for Mac VMS software for setup. I'll post when everything gets here...
  • Good luck to you and Sunba. Hopefully, their new Starvis camera is a big step forward in their firmware. They really need that in addition to the new low light sensor to be competitive.
  • I just updated firmware to 2018.1.26-20x-H.264-1 on my three Sunbas.

    Still can't reliably use VBR encoding (SS will eventually get greened frames unless you use CBR)

    Mac VMS continues to quit unexpectedly during operation and can't set all the camera parameters. You really need to use Explorer to turn off the cloud and chinanet services.

    Can't tell yet if both IR and non-IR video settings work, but I am hopeful. Should know after testing at night.

    The Sunbas do work and don't break down, but the level of firmware features only reaches the 'mostly working" level compared to Dahua's.

    Will I keep my Sunbas in service? Yes. They function. I'd be fairly happy with them if I never saw my Dahuas. Unfortunately, I have experience with both and well.... The Dahuas get put into high use, critical viewing locations. The Sunbas are fine in the less used locations.

    One Sunba is now in attic duty. Nice being able to inspect things without going into the attic.

    BTW firmware updating the Sunbas sets them back to default IP, empty password and other settings. Expect to redo all your setup post update. The last two Dahua firmware updates preserved all my settings - much more convenient.
  • Yes, the current firmware does let you keep separate basic image settings for IR on and IR off. Previously, that didn't work. You only had one setting had any effect.

    Still can't separately set more advanced things like shutter speed, DWDR, gain. Those you are stuck using same ones for day and night.

    I use separate advanced camera settings (shutter speed, iris, gain, backlight mode) for day and night on my Dahuas. Lets me optimize for both conditions. The Sunbas, I just have to leave at a compromise setting that isn't optimal for either day or night.
  • The Sunba's also randomly suffer the below video content bug about every other month. The video encoder decides that all you need are edges in the video stream. Only rebooting the cameras fixes this bit of weirdness. Happened again today.
  • Have the Sunba PTZ deployed along with my older Pelco Sarix and so far the Sunba, hardware wise, is doing pretty well. One question I'll just put here for the moment, and that is; I notice on SS, that although both cameras are streaming 30 fps, SS shows the Sunba at 20 fps and the Pelco at 30 fps. Just wondering why, any thoughts?

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