AVIGILON 2.0MP HD Micro Dome Camera - no connection
  • Hi,
    This camera should be ONVIF compatible, but in no way I get a connection with security spy. I can acces it via Safari and see the live stream.
    I've tried following :
    -camera as Avigilon and as ONVIF
    -a user with and without password
    -different ports
    -installed newest firmware
    -camera reboot
    -other cameras tested on this location, Foscam and Dlink working
    -tested in LAN
    -fix IP
    -no firewall

    SS gives "Authentication Error"

    Log file entry :
    W(t103:CameraApp: [384570(42) 2011-01-01T00:05:17.163Z] "Soap fault SOAP-ENV:SenderMethod 'soap:Envelope' not implemented: method name or namespace not recognized: - tds:GetProfiles (user)"

    Cam info :
    Part Number: 2.0-H3M-DO1
    Serial Number: 13434570
    Device UUID: fc875e50-3c27-11e3-80c9-a41f725f8d4b
    Firmware Version:
    Build Number: 9118
    MAC Address: 00:18:85:05:de:3a
    ONVIF Compliance: v1.02, v2.00, Profile S

    Need solution, because of migrating a few customers with Avigilon (8 cams) to Mac environment.
  • Hi Benoit,

    It appears that the camera doesn't like something about the ONVIF commands that SecuritySpy is sending, which is strange because SecuritySpy has been successfully tested on hundreds of ONVIF cameras with no problem.

    What happens when you use the Avigilon profile? Check SecuritySpy's Log file (File -> Open log) to see what errors are shown.

    I think the best way forward would be for you to put your camera online temporarily for us to test - if this is possible please email us - and please include SecuritySpy's log file and the camera's log file.

  • Hi Ben,

    This is the error on SS side :
    06-02-2014 1510-03: Error communicating with the network device "Network camera 1" 3.2.1,80210,401 Authentication error - check the username and password.

    I will mail you more information today when cam is accessible from the outside.
  • Hi Ben,
    I've sent you an email last Friday with the WAN settings.
    Today I toke some time to play around with the settings and with different Mac's to play with SS client/server configs .. and what happened? One of my MacBooks had some problem with SS (also with cams that have been working on the iMac) . So I had a look on the log file :

    : Error communicating with the network device "Network camera 1" 3.1.2,70197,-2053 Codec feature unsupported. If you have Perian installed on your computer, uninstalling it should fix this problem.

    This was clear for me, Perian removed and here we go... online with the cams, and also with the Avigilons???

    But no way to get the Avigilons online with the other Mac's, authentication error as usual. How is this possible? After reading the logs again, I noticed the Macbook was running SS 3.1.2 and not 3.2.1 and because there is no auto update, it stayed on the older version. That explains why the ONVIF is missing in the list.

    My conclusion: something changed, the way of authenticating, for Avigilon (maybe also for other brands) since you published 3.2.1

    Can you have a look and come back to me asap.

  • Hi Benoit,

    Indeed I think something broke in relation to the way SecuritySpy handles authentication with these cameras in 3.2.1. I have sent you a link to an updated beta version of SecuritySpy with should fix the problem so please check your email and test this version and let me know whether it works or not.

    Thanks for your patience.
  • Hi Ben,
    It seems to work with your beta and the Avigilon setting.
    Still no luck with ONVIF but at least now we're online.
    Thanks a lot

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