SS TVOS App—SuperCool!
  • I didn't realize that SS has an Apple TV app this is supercool and makes me want to fully commit to SS. I was lurking on the fringes of SS society until now—thanks Ben!

  • Great to hear that - thanks Robert!
  • Feature request on this.. (unless it’s already there and I’ve missed it): the ability to move from full screen mode to actual size mode..move got a few cameras that are mounted at 90° giving a very tall and narrow image. When I view on the apple tv it zooms in the image to make the image full screen but crops out the top and bottom of it.
  • Currently there is no way to change the default aspect ratio for viewing cameras on the AppleTV app. There is such a setting in our iOS app, but because settings are a relatively new thing on tvOS, this didn't make it into the last release of the app. We'll see if we can add this for the next release (which we are working on now).
  • Would it be possible to allow the configuration of the tvOS app to do a portrait mode?

    We run a number of TVs hung in portrait orientation. At the moment use Android TV boxes configured for portrait, but would prefer to switch to an AppleTV app. Unfortunately tvOS doesn't seem to have a option to do this itself.
  • Hi @sevenone - sorry, this wouldn't work unless there is native support in tvOS for portrait orientation. Maybe Apple will support this at some point, or they may consider this setup too unusual and not worth implementing.
  • I've been using it for about 2 weeks and have found it to be virtually unusable. Everything works great at first, but inevitably, the live feed from a camera will freeze and display a red X in the middle of the screen. It does not automatically recover from this. I can switch the display to another camera and back again - this resolves it, until it happens again. might work for an hour or two, but not continuously, unattended.

    cycling in multiplex does kind of fix the problem, as it does the same as if I were to manually switch streams. but leaving it on one stream is delicate and needs babysitting.
  • Hi @dalenorman2005 - could you please tell us what device you are using - iPhone or Apple TV?
  • it's a 4th generation appleTV running tvOS 11.1. SS server is a Mac mini running SS 4.2 and Mac OS X HighSierra 10.13.1.

    It not terribly uncommon for the SS server itself to briefly loose contact with a camera. It runs 3 cameras and displays them on it's monitor 24x7. lets say a few times per day, one camera will blank-out for perhaps 5 seconds. SS always reconnects to the stream on it's own.

    Not sure if the appleTV is loosing its connection to a camera at the same time as the SS server is or not - I suspect it is, but can't catch it red-handed as they are in different rooms.

    It seems SS is very good at reestablishing contact with a camera, while the appleTV app is not.
  • Several months ago I installed the SS app for AppleTV and I was able to view my camera server. Now when I click on the SS app I see an entry on the right side of the app that says "Discovered". Beneath this is an entry "SecuritySpy Web server". When I click on this I get the"connection failed" message. I tried to add my server by clicking the "+" button. This allows me to enter all of the necessary address information but it does not allow me to enter username or password. This new entry also fails to connect. I suspect this is because there is no way to enter username and password. Is there a way to fix this?
  • I've figured out the problem. I had recently installed a software firewall that did not allow traffic over port 8000. When this was finally recognized and fixed I am now able to connect via AppleTV. However, I have to enter the username and password each time I open the app. I don't remember this being the case before.
  • I'm having an odd thing happen on an 8 cam system with SS TVOS. The multiplex setting is set to 4 cams, and the screen changes between two groups of 4 cams, but one of the 8 never shows up in the 4 camera view.

    I tried some other options, but this same camera never appears in the multiplex view. One of the other cams repeats in both views. I'm not sure if it is always the same camera replacing it, but I don't think so.

    The cam is working fine. It shows if I scroll through in non-multiplex and I select it individually.

    The 4 cam multiplex works as expected in SS IOS.

    Any ideas on a setting that might affect this?

  • Hi @boley what you are describing sounds consistent with there being 7 available cameras rather than 8. Things to check:

    - Check that the web account you are using in SecuritySpy has permission to access all cameras.

    - Check that you are using the latest version of the SS tvOS app.

    - Check that you are using the latest version of the SS macOS app.

    - Try restating your Apple TV.

    Does this help? If not, please email us and we'll investigate further.
  • Were you able to add something to deal with the cropping issue (top and bottom) in the tvos app? If so, where is it?
  • Hi @pjgolian - currently, both the iOS and the tvOS SecuritySpy apps will perform some cropping if necessary to unify the aspect ratio of each camera's video. The iOS app has a settings panel with a choice of a few different aspect ratios, but the aspect ratio used by the tvOS app is currently fixed at 16:9. In the next update (which are working on now) will add a similar settings panel to the tvOS app, so that different aspect ratios can be offered, allowing you to choose the best one for your particular set of cameras that will result in minimal cropping.
  • Hello, do you have a time frame when the next update will be released? Thank you
  • Hi @CVH, although we are currently working on the next update, we don't have an expected release date that we can share with you at this point, sorry.

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