Auto-remove files older than feature not working
  • I've just started using SecuritySpy, I've set the "Auto-remove files older than" to 10 days for all 3 cameras I have on the system. The captured files in each camera folder older than 10 days aren't being deleted. When does the process run to auto delete and are there any other settings I need to know about to make sure the auto delete feature works ok ??

  • The process runs automatically in the background, so it should just work with no additional user input.

    How long are you seeing files actually being kept?

    Are you using the latest version of SecuritySpy?

    Is your hard drive formatted in a Mac format (either Mac OS Extended or the newer Apple File System)? To check this, locate the drive in the Finder, and select "Get Info" from the File menu (or command-i) on the keyboard; what is reported for the Format?

    After checking the above, if you are still having problems, please email us and we will help you directly. This isn't a known problem in the latest version of SecuritySpy, so is likely to be some issue related to your specific system setup.
  • Thanks - I'll check it out
  • Hi - the format is Mac OS Extended and I'm using the latest version. Looking at it, the files are being deleted according to the rule (10 days), it's the dated folder that the files are located in isn't always getting deleted. Checking this morning I've got 2 empty folders for days 11 and 12.

    Not a big deal but confused a newby a little !
  • Hi Rob,

    That explains it. This is just an artefact of how the auto-delete algorithm works, whereby it caches a list of the 1000 oldest files on each volume, and deletes them gradually as per the auto-delete settings specified. When all the files in the list have been deleted, SecuritySpy does a complete re-scan to obtain a new list.

    Empty folders are only deleted upon this re-scan, so they will hang around for a short time after all their contained files have all been deleted. The algorithm works this way for efficiency, to avoid the need for frequent re-scans, which take time and can cause significant disk activity.
  • Ok - thanks for clarifying

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