ONVIF Motion Detection (OpenEye)
  • I have several OpenEye network security cameras. Currently they are connected through an ONVIF profile. They have the option to "Send HTTP notification" upon motion detection. Would it be possible to trigger motion from these cameras?
  • If the camera can make a simple HTTP GET request upon motion detection, then this should be possible. I presume you have to supply this to the camera as a URL? If so, here is how you generate the URL:

    First, get the camera number for the camera that you want to trigger. This is shown in the Camera Info window in SecuritySpy (click on the header bar where you see the column names to add/remove columns - one is called "Camera Number" and shows this information). This is supplied as a "cameraNum" parameter in the URL.

    Secondly, enable SecuritySpy's web server if you haven't done so already. Click the "How Do I Access This Server" button under Preferences -> Web to get the LAN address of your SecuritySpy server, and note the Bonjour address (the one ending .local) - it will be something like http://Mac-Pro.local:8000

    Finally, if you have enabled password protection for the SecuritySpy web server, you will also have to deal with authentication. Use a Base64 Encoder to encode the string username:password and specify this as an "auth" parameter in the URL.

    Putting this all together, the URL will look something like this:


    As you probably know, either Actions or Motion Detection mode has to be Armed in SecuritySpy for the trigger to have any effect (see the Getting Started section of the user manual for more info).

    Hope this helps.
  • OpenEye cameras actually have a specific menu option where one can enter the server settings:
    And then in the Motion Detection menu one needs to specify the parameters:

    The camera is able to connect to the SecuritySpy Web server, but I am not sure what to place in the "Custom parameters" window. The camera says the parameter is invalid when I enter "++triggermd?cameraNum=0"
    Apparently, It does not like "?" in this field. If I replace that with "&", the value is accepted, but of course, motion is not triggered on SecuritySpy.

    Any advice on what to enter for the "Custom parameters"?
  • Also, from what I understand, ONVIF 2.2 also supports motion detection. Would it possible to add ONVIF motion detection to SecuritySpy?
  • Finally got it figured out.
    In the HTTP server field I entered http://Mac-Pro.local:8000/++triggermd
    and the admin and password.
    In the custom parameters: cameraNum=5 (without the ? or &).
    Apparently, the camera adds the & on its own.

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