Apple Script Get Sensitivity -- How?
  • Hi,

    I want to create an apple script that triggers on motion detection (and via cron at set intervals) that adjusts sensitivity based on md files captured.

    It goes a little something like this:

    if x number of files are created within y number of minutes then
    newSensitivity = currentSensitivity + or - offset z
    end if

    Got everything I need except a way of finding the current sensitivity. The SecuritySpy Applescript Dictionary only has a set sensitivity command, not a GET sensitivity command.

    Any ideas on how to read the current sensitivity of a given camera via applescript?

  • EDIT:
    I am using:

    do shell script "curl -d " & "'cameraNum=1&mdSensitivityText='" & cam1Sensitivity & "'&action=save' " & thePath

    to set the sensitivity. Is there a way to read the mdSensitivityText parameter via a do shell script?
  • Hi Dave, sorry but there is no way to get the current sensitivity setting.

    However you can achieve what you want by defining the sensitivity value as a property at the top of your script like this:

    property sensitivity : 50

    This will be remembered between invocations of your script. Then when you need to change it, use the set command like this:

    set sensitivity to sensitivity + z

    As long as both the script and SecuritySpy start from the same sensitivity setting (e.g. 50 as above), this should work just fine. The value is retained by the AppleScript until the next time it's compiled and saved.

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