Security Spy iPhone App - PTZ Presets in One Step Request
  • Is there a chance to add PTZ presets to the SAME button overlay that shows the PTZ directional controls?
    I would love a row of buttons 1-10 across one edge of the display.

    The current implementation gives quick access to directional PTZ buttons with a single tap, but it takes an additional tap to bring up the menu of PTZ presets. I often access the presets and the two step process is somewhat cumbersome when quickly searching for a moving subject. The situation is exacerbated because tapping on the PTZ presets "star" doesn't always work with my first tap.

    Pretty please.... :-)

  • Even better would be PTZ controls activated without a menu select.
    A button for PTZ right on the camera display bottom bar like "C M A P" rather than burying it in the gear menu. Currently one must tap multiple times to use a PTZ preset.

    1. Tap Gear Menu
    2. Tap Control PTZ
    3. Tap Star Menu
    4. Tap Preset & possible scroll to see desired preset before tapping.

    Every step also includes delays waiting for the control animation.

    A "P" button that brings up all the PTZ control and presets in one action would be a lot quicker and convenient.
  • HI Guy, thanks for the suggestion, I can see what you mean. It would be nice to reduce the number of taps it requires to control PTZ. I'll see what we can do about this in the next major update (which we are currently working on).

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