Unable to set the DDNS name - error 404
  • Carlsbadwx.viewcam.me fails test with subject error message, yet http://carlsbadwx.viewcam.me:8090 get me to server. Website (http://www.carlsbadwx.com) doesn't display image.

    Searched the other discussions here but haven't found a solution.

  • From my browser http://www.carlsbadwx.com shows your web site.

    You are trying to set up viewcam DDNS service to point at your webserver's same IP right?

    1. Verify that your.local.ip.address:8090 opens the Security Spy web server from your local network. (replace your.local.ip.address with your SS server local IP)

    2. If #1 fails, make sure SS is set to serve on port 8090

    3. If #1 succeeds, check that your router is forwarding port 8090 to your SS server local IP address.

  • Error 404 when attempting to set the DDNS name in SecuritySpy simply indicates that you are using an old version of the software. Please update to the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    If you purchased any previous version of SecuritySpy 4.x, then this is a free update, If however you are on a previous version (1.x, 2.x or 3.x), then this is a paid update - in this case, find out more about upgrading here.

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