10 HOURS of video...Hmmm?
  • Ben (or anyone else who may know),

    Been running 3.4.x for years. Last night I had a 10hour video event get recorded. It was a 41Gb file, Wow!!. All of my camera's are set for motion detection. Luckily it recorded my neighbor's dog knocking over my trash (no motion activated files were created). Any idea what would make it do this?
  • This is not a known issue with the latest version of SecuritySpy 3.x, which is 3.4.10, so make sure you are using version 3.4.10, not an older version. You can get it on the old versions of SecuritySpy download page. Then, check your motion-detection settings under Camera Settings -> Setup - check that the sensitivity is around 50, and the trigger time is at least 1s.

    As you may be aware, SecuritySpy 3.x has long been discontinued now, so you may want to look at upgrading to SecuritySpy 4.x, which is a major new version with lots of improvements and new features.
  • Rick, My experience with motion-only didn't give good results. I reset to run continuous for (3) 2mp IP cameras, with motion also and that captures everything much better. Try it for a week. I made a couple of Applescipts that toggle SecuritySpy to change the settings for daytime vs. night time running.
  • I let all 16 cameras continuous record AND motion detect record. That captures everything in the continuous recordings. The motion triggered recordings serve as "bookmarks"

    Takes a bit of recording space. I use about 1/2 TB per day. I highly recommend the Akitio Thunder2 Duo Pro. It houses two drives and has been a much quieter and less prone to random disconnects than the OWC Mercury Pro Dual it replaced. The Akitio is a tiny bit more expensive, but the engineering is heads and shoulders above the OWC case. Put in a pair of 8 Tb WD reds. Set the case for RAID 0, format and you are ready to go.
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