Flashing Screen In Safari Using High Sierra Beta
  • Using High Sierra Beta -> Safari = watching a camera feed via SecuritySpy server causes the screen to flash several times per second like a strobe light. You can still see the video, but through constant white flashes.

    No problem using High Sierra Beta with Chrome or Firefox, only Safari ...
  • Thanks for the report, High Sierra Beta still seems to have a number of bugs. We'll test this.
  • Yeah, it's early (more of an Alpha), but I thought I would give you a heads up ... will let you know if it is fixed in the next update ;-)
  • I’m seeing lots of bugs with video in Safari on High Sierra so I doubt this is a SecuritySpy issue
  • I second stalir's comment.

    The flashing screen problem is happening across the apple beta program, not just High Sierra. I'm using 10.12.6 beta 6 and its been happening since beta 4.

    The same is happening in iOS in safari in both ios 11 public beta 1 & 2 .

    They'll sort it no doubt.
  • Please could you all try the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.7b8) as it has a fix related to video decompression in High Sierra that may resolve some of these problems. Please report back!
  • Beta 4.1.7b8 does not fix the problem under High Sierra 17A306f
    app will crash as soon as it launches then goes into a launch/crash loop until you force quit via terminal

  • Hi @eggyacid - please make sure you're using version 3 of the High Sierra Beta (use the App Store to upgrade). Then try the new b9 beta version of SecuritySpy (same link as above). If it's still crashing, please email us the crash log(s). In our testing, this is working with no crashes.
  • Yes, still crashes even with b9. sent an email with crash log, at least it's not in the loop anymore
  • OK High Sierra Beta 4 has just been released, and fixes another crashing problem related to video decompression. Please all update to this and try it with the latest SecuritySpy beta.

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