Axis F series
  • Hi, I am considering getting some Axis F series cameras for home surveillance. The system compromises sensors and a main unit, the latter (Axis F44) being able to connect to 4 sensors, outputting up to 4 video streams simultaniously.

    The sensors are listed among SecuritySpy's supported cameras, but not the main units. So my questions are: Can the sensors be used with SecuritySpy directly, without the main units? Or, if the main unit is required for the sensors to function, how will this work with SecuritySpy considering that the main unit outputs multiple video streams?

    For more info:

  • Hi Haakon, you still need a main unit. Axis has basically separated out the sensor and lens from the processor and network interface, in order to create very discreet sensor units. So the sensor units need to connect to the main unit, which connects to your network.

    When using a multi-channel main unit, you can select the particular video stream you want using the "Input or stream number" setting under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device in SecuritySpy. So to get all four channels, add four cameras in SecuritySpy that point to the Axis device, each with a different input number.
  • Thanks, Ben!

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