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Using Iris by Lowes cameras

edited May 2017 in SecuritySpy
Has anyone used the Iris cameras with SecuritySpy? I have tried to add these cameras but I can't find anywhere to put the path which is /img/video.sav

I've got them to work successfully with Blue Iris.


  • Try this:

    - In the Cameras section of the Preferences window, create a new network device.
    - Under the Device tab, set the device type to "Manual configuration”.
    - Enter the camera's IP address but leave the Port fields empty.
    - Enter the camera’s username and password
    - Select RTSP TCP from the Format menu.
    - Enter img/video.sav as the Request
    - Or, try img/media.sav as the Request (this should also give you audio).

    If that doesn't work, try this:

    - Change the Format to HTTP
    - Enter img/video.mjpeg as the Request
    - If that doesn't work, try img/snapshot.cgi as the Request

    Please report back and let me know what works.
  • Ben,

    It worked. Thank you.
  • Great to hear that! Could you let me know which one(s) worked? In particular, did the img/media.sav request work, to give you video and audio?
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