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Remote control of SecuritySpy?

edited December 2013 in SecuritySpy
Is there any way a SecuritySpy client can completely control another instance? The web server is very good but seems to have a bit of feature parity lack compared to the native OS X app, e.g. can't seem to change motion masks/schedules via web.

The ideal situation for me would be my parent's main SS setup in their store, but be able to use SecuritySpy at home to change the store's installation. Using SS to attach to inputs of other SS systems just doubles the amount of config to do and doesn't change the store's instance. I know VNC/Apple Remote desktop would be the go-to solution here, but if this could be done natively, this would make a great product a perfect one!


  • Hi, I understand what you mean - there are certain features that aren't available via the web interface because it would be difficult/impossible to implement them in a way that is compatible with all web browsers. Having said that, we are gradually adding such features to new updates (for example the 3.2.1 update we just released now allows you to set the web server DDNS settings via the web interface), and we will continue doing this.

    There is no way for a SecuritySpy client to control a SecuritySpy server in the way that you are describing; Screen Sharing/VNC is the way to go here.

    I will make sure to accelerate our development efforts in adding more of the settings to the web interface.
  • Fair enough; SecuritySpy is already orders of magnitude nicer than things I've worked with in the past!
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