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iPhone Notifications

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I am using the latest server and mobile app. What I would like to achieve is if a movement is detected on certain cameras at certain times (night) I get an audible and visible notice on my phone. Is this possible. I have enabled notifications on the phone app but nothing seems to happen so maybe I've not configured something correctly.


  • Hi Dave,

    Yes, this is possible. The first step is to enable notifications via the app, which you have done.

    Now, you need to set up a schedule for the times you want the notifications to be active (under Preferences -> Schedule in SecuritySpy), then you need to apply this schedule to the camera(s) (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions).

    Whenever Actions mode is armed, SecuritySpy will send notifications to your iOS device upon motion detection.
  • I see the latest Apple TV has a notification setting and as there is now a app for the TV it would be great to be able to get some notification of motion etc on the TV as an option.
  • Hi Dave, thanks for the suggestion, we'll have a look at this, though I'm not sure how useful this is for the Apple TV (whereas it's very useful for the iPhone of course).
  • Hi @Ben.

    I finally figured out how to turn notifications on, but my phone isn't getting any. I have all the latest versions running. (SS 1.1.1 on 10.3.1 & SS 4.1.3 on 10.12.4). I'm on my local LAN, and the other than the notifications issue, the iOS seems to be functioning fine (when on LAN).

    In iOS settings, Notifications for the app are all set ON (Allow, Show in Notif Center, Sounds, Lock Screen) and set to Alerts.

    In the SSpy iOS app, in the camera view, under the Gear icon for Options, Notifications are enabled.

    I am able to get notifications via messages apple script, which does work fine, but using the in-app notifications would simplify things.

    Do I need to have an iCloud account up and running for this function to work? Some other relay component involved?

  • Now I've got it working for me I also get an image appear on my Apple Watch which is cool.
  • Hi @xmx - make sure the Actions mode of the camera(s) in question is armed. Notifications are classed as an action so this mode has to be armed for notifications to be sent.

    If this is still not working, try this: in SecuritySpy, hold the alt (option) key, click the File menu, and from the Debug section choose "Clear all iOS Notification Devices". Then go to the iOS app on your device and turn off, and then on, notifications for the camera(s).

    Notifications do not require an iCloud account nor any other relay component. As long as the Mac running SecuritySpy has a functioning Internet connection this should just work.
  • xmxxmx
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    Hi @Ben, Thanks for all the details and suggestions.

    As it tuns out, the problem is that I had was that I had "Do Not Disturb" mode enabled on the iPhone.

    I assumed (bad) that because I was getting a "list" or "log" or alerts sent by the applescript iMessage by way of the Red circle icon on the Messages iOS app icon (for the number of alerts triggered), and that I could tap the Messages app to see the list of those sent alerts... that Notifications would work in a similar manner. Apparently not. :-)

    If one is in "DND" mode on the iOS device, there will be no alert, no sound (as expected), but no record AT ALL of those Notifications having ever been sent. Maybe this is an area you could consider for a future update? Maybe the app could still accept the notifications and collect them like the Messages app collects the alerts even though it's not making any noise in DND mode? Or some other similar manner.

    If I go to sleep for example, put the device in DND, then wake up, I'd like to see any alerts sent while asleep.

    Thanks again.
  • I realize this thread is a bit old, but wanted to chime in and thank Ben for the response above recommending using the Debug->clear iOS notifications function; I wasn't aware of this. It's now under the SecuritySpy Menu->Debug. I also had my iOS devices stop receiving push notifications and these steps fixed the two phones we have associated with our Security Spy deployment.
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