Dahua Firmware
  • Does anyone have the latest dahua IPC-HFW2100 firmware? I contact Dahua and was told to contact my reseller. I contacted my reseller and was told to contact Dahua. fun times. I like the cameras... but support seems a bit spotty.
    I have 6 dahua IPC-HFW2100 and 1 dahua IPC-HDW2100
    Any assistance is appreciated. I have versions on the cameras ranging from 2012-10-31 through 2013-07-26, also one of the cameras is showing a video standard of PAL and the rest are NTSC. Is the video standard firmware specific?
  • Normally you would always look to the manufacturer to provide firmware. I don't have any specific information about this but I think it's worth contacting Dahua again. Are you having trouble with any of the cameras?

    PAL and NTSC are analog video standards. Some cameras which have analog video output need such settings, however if you're just using IP video then they don't apply.
  • Not having any issues per se but the interfaces are a little different across the versions. I'm using Security Spy for all the heavy lifting etc so it's really more of a standardization/annoyance issue than a true problem I need to solve.
  • Understood. Glad it's all working well. I hope Dahua can provide you with this.
  • Working well indeed. Very happy with the software. I have the 7 cameras all connected back to a mac mini recording to a pegasus 4TB Thunderbolt drive. The mini is certainly doing more work than it was before SS was installed.. but seems to be handling it. CPU runs at about 40% continually. I'm still playing with the motion detection/pre and post settings to ensure I get everything I want/need and as little extra as possible.
    Is it possible to playback at x speed in the browser ? If not, is that a feature that could be considered?
    I also use Indigo and enjoy the integration provided by cynical. I'll likely be adding additional cameras in the spring, I've been pleased so far with the Dahua feature to price point, any other recommendations/suggestions to consider?

    Is there a way to have the motion sensitivity vs e-mail/notification sensitivity be different? Ie, I don't want an e-mail/snap shot if the motion is 1 frame or one second.. but I want to record it in case it's interesting for later. However if the motion is continuous for say 5 seconds... I may want to look at it now.
  • Good to hear that. I think the Dahua cameras are very good for the price. We have some recommendations on our blog and Installation Manual (the blog is more up to date; we'll be updating the Installation Manual soon with some of the newer models that have come on the market since it was last updated).

    You can indeed set the playback speed in the Browser, from the Browser Settings window available from the Browser menu. Alternatively, you can use "JKL" controls: J and L increase the speed backwards and forwards respectively, and K is stop.

    Sorry but there is no way to have different trigger settings for emails vs. motion detection capture at this time.
  • I have the December 6, 2013 firmware version (English language, NTSC) and successfully installed it on the Dahua HFW2100 camera. Contact me (if there is a way through this forum) and I could send a copy.
  • In a forum on Dahua, I found what appears to be the latest firmware for HFW2100N and HFW3300C and other cams listed in the readme below:

    File: General_IPC-HX3(2)XXX_Eng_N_V2.210.0001.0.R.20130517.bin

    Location: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5RXJz1sMJ9VWll1eldiajFXZDQ/edit?usp=sharing

    Dahua are good cams, but the support is non-existent.
    These are from the huge Dahua firmware thread over at cctvforum:

    Readme (list of compatible cams) for the above firmware:



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