ONVIF not working in 4.0.9
  • I have 3 cameras that use ONVIF to connect (They are cheap no name ones, but work great). When I updated to 4.0.9 I cannot get them to connect anymore. The window with all cameras shows "The operation has timed out" message for all of them. I do also have a D-Link and it works in 4.0.9 with no problems. I had to go back to 4.0.8 in order to get them working again.
  • Submit a bug report email to Ben Software.

    You are not alone with release 4.0.9 breaking ONVIF with my cameras that worked great under 4.0.8. I get the same error in my logs.

    4.09b5 was the last version that works with my Sunba PTZ's.
    I didn't try b6, but everything since then hasn't talked to my Suba's

    I submitted my bug report ticket (36655 ) just before 4.0.9 went into main release.

  • Sorry about, this, it was a bug affecting a small number of ONVIF cameras, which should now be fixed in the latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.0.10).

    Please confirm.
  • Hurrah! 4.0.10 fixed it for my Sunba PTZ ONVIF problem. All my cams are working now.
  • Yep, it fixed mine as well! Thanks!
  • Nov. 28 release now working well with my Pelco IXP21 (configured as "ONVIF"). Before, it would connect, but well after the "timeout" message.

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