How to use an A192V2N01 "vipcam" with SecuritySpy
  • I bought a "vipcam" A192V2N01 a few days ago (the model number can only be found on the box, not even through the configuration page). You can find some technical specifications here:

    There is no information about the manufacturer anywhere on the box. A URL in very tiny print is on one page of the instruction manual (, which just has a link to the iTunes store and an APK file for Android. The instructions basically tell one how to get it working with their iOS/Android app, but not anything else. I was not interested in that and hoped that there was a standard web configuration page; I plugged it in, checked my router to see what IP address it snagged, and sure enough was able to connect through its (very minimal) web interface.

    The configuration page shows that ONVIF is running on port 8080 (and telneting to that port does show that it's open), with RTSP on port 554 and RTMP on port 1935 (its web viewer is flash based, so the latter is for that).

    Despite trying to use the default ONVIF settings with SecuritySpy (and even inputting the port numbers manually), I could not get it to work, and no meaningful error messages were being returned. I opened up Wireshark to see if I could find the RTMP URL and access the camera's feed directly using something like VLC. When I did so I found a URL with "hi3510" in it. I decided to Google hi3510, and found this manual:

    This seems to be a detailed reference for a Foscam Fi9820W. I went back to SecuritySpy to see if that camera was supported — and it was. Setting the camera up as the Fi9820W has it working perfectly in SecuritySpy. For the price, the camera is not that bad, and running something like SecuritySpy allows you to work around its buggy firmware.
  • Many thanks for the detailed information, I'm sure this will be very helpful for other users!
  • I'm resurrecting this ancient thread :)

    I picked up an EasyN 1080p camera a few months ago. It also seems to be based on the Foscam firmware and works great with the Fi9820W profile in SecuritySpy.

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