Foscam C1 Firmware
  • Just updated the firmware on 2 of our Foscam C1's. Now they don't work with SecuritySpy. Worked fine before. The error log shows:

    09/01/2016 10:42:55: Error communicating with the network device "Patio Door". 4.0.6b5,70219,32 Failed to obtain video frame from network device. Broken pipe (connection has been closed by the other side).

    Any ideas?
  • Double check all settings on the camera - after firmware updates it may have reset port numbers and more (I've had that happen with a Foscam camera before - usually it doesn't, but I had at least one update that reset stuff)
  • Try both 88 and 554 as the RTSP port setting for the camera in SecuritySpy (in turn, saving the Preferences between each change).

    Some Foscam cameras use 88, others use 554, and we have seen this setting change after firmware updates.
  • I had this same problem after upgrading firmware. For the cameras, ONVIF was turned off after the upgrade. Try checking the camera's settings: Network -> ONVIF and check enabled.
  • I use Foscam H.264 profile for my C1's works great, RTSP 554 for the last couple firmware updates at least.

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