Emails Question, multiple cameras in one email.
  • I have a doorbell camera that is set to detection motion and send me emails.

    I would like to set it up so when the camera detects motion and send me an email, it also includes pictures from another camera (that is pointing at the road so I see the persons vehicle) Please advise how to set this up

    When I'm away from home I want to quick view visitors without having to go into recording, find the relevant file and view it.

  • Yes, you can do this. Under the Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions widow, set the doorbell camera to trigger the road camera. Set both cameras to send you an email upon motion detection.

    Then, when the doorbell camera triggers, it will trigger the road camera, and both will send you an email.

    Hope this helps.
  • Will that work even if the road camera is active but not currently detection motion?

    My issue is the road is quite busy and I won't want loads of emails of passing traffic. I would only want email notifcation of the road when there is detection on the doorbell?
  • In that case, leave motion detection turned on for the road camera, but turn its motion-detection sensitivity down to zero. This way, you will only get it triggering from the doorbell camera, not from its own motion detection.
  • Is it possible to do this with version 3?
  • It's not a built-in feature in version 3, but it's possible to achieve using a simple AppleScript. See the "Triggering Motion-Detected Recording" example on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page. You basically create a script to trigger one camera, and set it as an action for the other camera.

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