Please add support for Foscam Fi9826W
  • Thank you!

    Great software

  • bump .. thank you :)
  • Hi Ahmed, sorry but we have found that there are problems with recent Foscam H.264 cameras, so we generally do not recommend or support them. There are plenty of cameras that are confirmed to work well with SecuritySpy on our list of supported cameras.
  • Thank you for the reply Ben, I do understand that there are problems with H.264 but unfortunately i have invested in a few of them. I must add that they are running on Securityspy now but under FI9821W, not as stable as i would like for sure and most importantly not all functions work like the Zoom and some other bits.
    I love this software and will consider changing the cameras to something more supported in the future.

  • Hi ahmed - I've send you a link to a beta version of SecuritySpy that should activate the zoom function. But we still won't officially support this camera due to the stability problems you've seen. Glad you like the software!
  • Thank you Ben, beta is working well so far :)
  • Hi any update on this? I see the camera's listed now but they are not working in the software.
  • Can I get a version of the beta to test as well?
  • Hi Freddy - we still don't officially list this camera in our official list of supported cameras, however as you can see above, you may be able to get it working. The beta version referred to has now been released as a full version, so the latest version of SecuritySpy has this functionality. Use the device profile in SecuritySpy called "Foscam FI9802W, FI9821W, FI9826W".
  • Hi Ben,

    Can you comment on the above? I just upgraded from version 3.4.7 to 3.4.8 and all my Foscam FI9826W cameras ceased to function. In 3.4.7 I had them configured as Foscam H.264 cameras and they worked very well. Now all is out and the entry "Foscam FI9802W, FI9821W, FI9826W" is nowhere to be found.

    Where can I find the previous version (3.4.7) to downgrade if you don't support these cameras anymore?

  • Hi @lix - please use the "Foscam H.264" profile and manually enter 88 as the RTSP port. Sorry for the trouble but we had to change the default RTSP port after discovering that newer Foscam cameras use the standard RTSP port of 554. 3.4.7 will use 88 by default because this is what older Foscams used, but 3.4.8 will use 554 by default.
  • Reading your website I stumbled upon the ONVIF blog entry. Then I switched all my Foscams to ONVIF protocol and everything is now back to normal!

    Maybe a remark regarding these cameras in the release notes would help others after upgrading.
  • Hi Ben,

    Our entries crossed. Yes, I reconfigured one Foscam as per your recommendations (RTSP port on 88) and it works too. Now I don't know what should I do: leave the Foscam H.264 profile or switch to ONVIF? What would you recommend?

    Thanks for the fast answer.
  • Good to hear it's working again. The video streaming will be identical either way, the only difference is the initial ONVIF negotiation process via which SecuritySpy gets information about the camera - its ports, PTZ features, streams etc. This negotiation can take a few seconds, so you will get a slightly faster connection time when using the Foscam H.264 profile, which may be a reason to use that.
  • Thanks Ben, that helps.
  • Hello Ben,

    I have another issue with the Foscams FI9826W, that bothers me since quite some time. From time to time the video streams breaks down in SecuritySpy, both on live images as well as on the recordings: a green background replaces the image for a while. I was suspecting that this is due to the poor wireless connection, but as I switched the cameras to ethernet and the problem still persists I wonder what's going on here. The issue does not appear when accessing the cameras directly, over their own web interface.

    I have four cameras in my system, these two Foscams FI9826W, an Axis dome and another MJPEG Foscam camera. Only the two FI9826W cameras have this problem. Is this a known issue, and if yes, is there any workaround?
  • After perusing the forum I figured out by myself what it happens: the data stream(s) are apparently too much for the hardware (a Mac mini early 2009). After reducing the two cameras frame rate to 10 fps and the stream to 1MBps the green screens disappeared.
  • Thanks for this discussion. I have the same cam and it just stopped connecting to SecuritySpy yesterday (2105.10.24). It was using Foscam H.264. Their firmware was up-to-date and SecuritySpy was also. Everything came back after switching to ONVIF.

    I do have one complaint Ben. Earlier you said, "...we still don't officially list this camera in our official list of supported cameras, however as you can see above, you may be able to get it working."

    Your supported cameras page does list this camera and even provides a link to the Foscam sales page with no warnings. I used your list to purchase this cam and just from the Foscam side it's been a pain. Your list needs an additional column for supported/unsupported cams or some way to identify cameras that definately work with SecuritySpy. Your top 10 list is OK, but I was looking for a cam with specific features that were not available on that list.
  • Hi JimmEee,

    Sorry for the confusion, my message above that you referred to was written a year ago - since then, the camera's firmware has improved to the point that we felt we could officially support it, so we added it to our list. All the cameras on our list are supported; we don't add cameras to our list if we are aware of any problems with them.
  • Thanks for the clarification Ben.

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